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Y - Jump

LT + LB - Hit with left arm

RT + RB - Hit with right arm

A - Join

X - Let Body collapse

B - Let Player Get Up again

Items are collected automatically


Space - Jump

 Num 1  - Hit with left arm

Num 2 - Hit with right arm

Enter - Join

E - Let Body collapse

Q - Let Player Get Up again

Items are collected automatically


This game can only be played if you're 2-4 Players, you can connect up to 4 Controllers and/or Keyboards and play together with your friends.
We recommend you to collect only glowing objects, some others.. may hurt you ^^
Have fun! :DD

In Riverside, you play as one of four world leaders, tasked with cleaning up a local river. Collect more garbage than your competition in 5 minutes, to prove your country is committed to environmental protection.

With the exception of the world leader pictures, everything in this game was made in the last 2 days for this game.

The Water Guru Martin wrote a custom water shader for the river, as well as set up the HDRP and made everything work.

The kings of audio Sven and Luca composed, recorded, and mixed all custom music for the game (with the help of a few beer bottles).

Laura, Cedric, and Mirco produced the sexiest low poly assets and terrain in the history of game jams.

The gambler Vladi, wrote our buff generating slot machine.
Memelord Will, created the memes and UI.

And Coding geniuses Stevey and Marcus programming features and put the whole thing together to make the game work.

We hope you find Riverside as hilarious as we do, and have fun!

Install instructions

Keep in mind, this game only works 2-4 players, you should have some devices like Controllers or keyboards ready and pluged in!


RiverSidev2.0.7z 208 MB


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cough Please remove the LD45 label, this game was not for Ludum Dare 45, Start With Nothing. This was clearly released after the deadline, and was not even planned to be part of that game jam. Thanks